Oasys Lithium

Braille Battery’s OASYS Lithium Battery Systems offers extreme weight benefits and a longer service life. Up to 450 Volt Systems or 7735KW Stored Energy. A lithium product can be charged from depleted to full charge in less than time, save over 70% on battery weight and have three times the average life cycle.

• Drop-in Replacement Sizing
• Operating Temperature -20C - 60C MAX (some capacity loss below 0C)
• UN DOT Certified
• Patented Internal Design
• Cell and Module Balancing
• Low voltage and High Voltage protection
• RS 485 and CAN Enabled Available

• Battery State of Charge (SOC) monitoring
• Battery Run Time till Empty
• Battery Adjustable Alarm Function
• Battery Time to Full Charge
• Battery Life Cycle Monitoring
• Battery/Electrical Amp/Wattage usage monitor
• Optional Backlit Display
• Optional PCB and/or BMU built inside to protec

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